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Sarah Peasall McGuffey

Worship Leader

"I love being part of something bigger than myself and yet seeing the beauty and importance of what each individual adds to the Kingdom.

It's such an amazing thing to see how each person reflects God's glory and personality."

Although Sarah officially took the title of "Worship Leader" for Gateway in 2011, she feels like she’s been in worship ministry her entire life. She began leading the worship team of her youth group at age thirteen. By age fifteen, she was helping lead worship in “Big Church.”  During her early teen years, the entire Peasall family took to the road to share the vocal harmonies and bluegrass instrumentation of Sarah and her younger sisters, Leah and Hannah. Enchanting audiences across the United States, The Peasall Sisters belted out bluegrass gospel and Americana tunes. It was a ministry in and of itself.

Members at Gateway appreciate the way Sarah listens to the Holy Spirit as she plans the worship time for the church. Sarah explains that it is her calling to:

Host an environment that honors the Presence of the Most High so that every person walking into the sanctuary feels an invitation to worship and adore Him.

Sarah loves spending time with her husband, Kenan, and adorable three-year-old son, the mighty, Oaks McGuffey. The three enjoy hiking, four-wheeling, go-karting, canoeing, picnicking, and watching the day and night sky.

When she has free time, Sarah can be found writing songs, blogs, and articles as well as drinking coffee. She has always been inspired by the writings of John Eldredge, especially his book, Epic. It was life-changing for her.  


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