Sally Peasall

Youth Leader

Sally has been in ministry as Mike’s main supporter and helper ever since they married in August of 1984. As the Fire Tunnel youth leader, a role she took on in 2012, Sally lives a life in Jesus that our young people are drawn to. She lives her life “alive” in Jesus and speaks that life into the youth.


When asked about her favorite part in serving God’s kingdom, Sally responds:

What I love about serving God’s kingdom, is seeing people “get it” — seeing people have fresh understanding “click” in their minds and spirits for the first time, especially on the topic of being able to hear God for yourself.

While Sally enjoys her roles as pastor’s wife, youth leader, mother and grandmother, she takes every opportunity to recharge in the great outdoors.  She states:

I love hiking, kayaking, running on nature trails and greenways, playing with my grand babies, hanging out with my own teenagers and young adult children, and drinking coffee.


Sally’s favorite Christian author is John Eldredge.  She particularly likes the books Waking the Dead, Walking with God, and Beautiful Outlaw.

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